Serving and supporting the community via soup kitchens has always been a heartfelt experience and the best way to engage with our local community and giving back to community.

For decades, India Association of NH (IANH) has been serving and supporting Nashua and Manchester soup kitchens that benefit thousands of needy people in these areas. IANH also has been participating in their annual fund raisers and been sponsoring these events every year for last many years.

This year, we have decided to undertake a new geographical area in New Hampshire to expand our community service via participating at Derry soup kitchen also known as Sonshine soup kitchen. Sonshine soup kitchen has been serving the local community at Derry, NH since 1989 serving meals, donating food and clothes to the needy ( This will be a great opportunity for our youth group as well to expand their community reach program.

We have decided to start our engagement with the Derry soup kitchen by sponsoring a meal every month (so total of 12 meals a year). The cost for sponsorship for each meal will be $100, so we are looking for a total sum of $1,200 for the whole year. The soup kitchen will take care of cooking and serving the meals.

We are looking to our IANH community to come forward with meal sponsorship at Derry soup kitchen and be a part of this new initiative that IANH has undertaken. They can sponsor a meal ($100 per meal) or choose to sponsor multiple meals. If you are willing to sponsor one or more meals, please register yourself via the registration link provided below.


Please feel free to contact Manoj Chourasia at 603-557-7981, Barinder Ahluwalia at (603) 714-9260 or send an email to for any questions/clarifications.